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Abbazia di Santa Giustina

The Abbey of Santa Giustina, is in the center of Padua, facing the Prato della Valle, and its present shape derives from construction in the 17th century. It was founded in the 6th century to house the tomb of Saint Justina of Padua . The abbey was suppressed by Napoleon in 1810. A monastery was restarted at the site in 1919. It now also houses a state library and monument. The basilica church, with a profusion of Byzantine domes, was known for it diverse relics including those of Saint Prosdocimus, Saint Maximus the Confessor, Saint Urio, Saint Felicita, Saint Julian the Hospitaller, and even relics of Saint Matthew and Saint Luke Evangelist. The church contains a canvas of Martyrdom of St. Justine by Paolo Veronese.


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