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Bar San Marco

This renowned cafe and wine bar in Corso Milano has distant origins, dating back to at least 1964, when it was taken over by Antonio Ravazzolo. Coffee, breakfast, aperitifs and snacks, along with a wide selection of fine wines and handmade chocolates, made the fortune of the bar, which is located in a strategic position, close to the Verdi Theatre and Padua’s squares. The new management, taken over in 2009, has preserved a distinguishing courtesy and professionalism, thus continuing a long tradition. For forty years, Bar San Marco in Corso Milano has been specializing in sweets, and especially in high-quality wines. It is known, in fact, for its wide range of chocolates, both handmade and by the best brands, as well as liqueurs, whiskies, brandies, prestigious wines and champagne. You can purchase gifts, custom hampers and wine boxes.


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