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Bar Tre Scalini

This historic bar overlooks the Piovego Canal, between the modern University complex and the sumptuous Portello arch, erected on the site of the harbour that for centuries has been connecting Venice to Padua by water. The origins of the bar Tre Scalini seem to date back to the beginning of the 20th century, and ever since it has always been a reference point for those visiting the area. In the second post-war period, the inhabitants gathered there regularly to watch one of the first televisions in Padua, in the 1970s it accompanied the development of the nearby vegetable market and the Fair, in our day the river workers and travellers have given way to students and professors of the University in close proximity.
Since 1990, under a new management - that of Alessandro Chiarotto and Moreno Fiorin - the place has been renovated from both an aesthetic and functional point of view, so to make it more comfortable and suitable to the needs of a changed clientele. Today, the Tre Scalini bar has expanded its business by proposing, in addition to the bar itself, also a catering and refreshments service.


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