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Restaurant Trattoria Al Sasso

One of the best restaurants in Padua is Restaurant Trattoria Al Sasso, where we recommend to try their fried chicken. While in winter, eating inside of Trattoria Al Sasso lets guests be surrounded by a warm and welcoming atmosphere, in summer, eating on the veranda, in the shadow of the lindens and robinias, is the perfect solution for them. Indeed, the nice temperature − that in the heart of Euganei Hills, especially in the evening, is pleasant in spite of the sultriness − and the grilled meat smelling delicious whet the appetite. In a relaxed and informal atmosphere (outside, tables and chairs are in plastic), you can enjoy your dinner, which will satisfy you. After a welcoming plate with fried sage leaves and zucchini flowers, you can taste the starters: filled zucchini flower au gratin, polenta (a maize flour-based dish) and soppressa (cold cuts), figs with ham and melon (in summer), radicchio (chicory) and Gorgonzola cheese strudel, cabbage salad with sardines in vegetable oil. As a first course: traditional local dishes such as bean and pasta soup, lasagna with porcini mushrooms and bigoli pasta with chicken ragù (chicken-based tomato sauce), in addition to ravioli pasta filled with eggplants with tomato and basil, green lasagna with mixed mushrooms, ravioli pasta with Vezzena cheese on a bed of pumpkin cream and dry roasted almonds. As a second course: grilled meat (chicken, guinea-hen, rabbit, beef and sorana) and meat cooked in the oven (guinea-hen breast with finferli mushrooms and artichokes, rack of lamb with thyme), or eel fillet scalded with chard. To prepare dishes, only local seasonal products are used. As a dessert plate: cakes and desserts.

Reserve a table at Restaurant Trattoria Al Sasso

You can reserve a table at Restaurant Trattoria Al Sasso by calling the phone number 049 9925073. You can also find more information about the restaurant by checking the website

Getting there

The restaurant is situated in Via Ronco 11, frazione Castelnuovo (PD).

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What to do nearby Restaurant Trattoria Al Sasso

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